Keep Your Peace: How to Block Unwanted Texts on Android

In the digital age, our smartphones are our lifelines, helping us stay connected with loved ones, access information, and organize our lives. However, this convenience comes with a drawback – unwanted texts and spam messages. Whether it's relentless marketing offers or bothersome messages from acquaintances, these intrusions can disrupt your peace of mind. Fortunately, Android offers a variety of tools to help you maintain your serenity by blocking unwanted texts. In this article, we will explore how to block unwanted texts on your Android device and regain control over your messaging experience.

Use Built-in Messaging Apps
Most Android smartphones come with a default messaging app that includes text-blocking features. how to block text messages on android phone
Open your messaging app.

Go to the conversation of the contact you want to block.
Tap on the contact's name.

Select "Block" or "Add to spam."
This will prevent messages and calls from the blocked contact from reaching your inbox.

Install Third-Party Apps
If your default messaging app doesn't provide adequate blocking features, you can explore third-party apps from the Google Play Store. These apps offer more comprehensive control over your messages and calls. Some popular options include Truecaller, Mr. Number, and Hiya. To use these apps:
Download and install your chosen app from the Google Play Store.

Open the app and follow the on-screen instructions to set it up.
Usually, you can add numbers to your block list directly from these apps, and they may also provide caller ID and spam detection services.

Set Up Do Not Disturb
Android's "Do Not Disturb" feature is an effective way to filter out unwanted texts and calls during specific hours or under certain conditions. Here's how to enable it:
Open your phone's settings.
Scroll down and select "Sound & Vibration" or "Sound & Notification," depending on your Android version.
Tap on "Do Not Disturb" or a similar option.

Customize the settings according to your preferences. You can set specific time periods, allow calls from contacts, and more.

This feature ensures that unwanted texts and calls won't disrupt your peace, especially during your quiet hours.

Filter Messages
Most Android messaging apps allow you to set up message filters, which can automatically sort incoming messages and send certain types of texts directly to the spam folder. To create message filters:
Open your messaging app.
Access the app's settings.

Look for "Message Filtering" or a similar option.

Customize your filters, specifying keywords, phrases, or sender IDs that you want to be filtered.

This feature is a handy way to prevent unwanted texts from cluttering your primary message list.

Report Spam
Android gives you the option to report spam messages to your carrier or network provider. Reporting spam not only helps you block the sender but also contributes to the collective effort to reduce spam at a larger scale.

Open the spam message.
Tap on the options icon (usually represented as three dots or lines) in the message interface.
Choose "Report as spam."
This will mark the message as spam and send a report to your network provider.

Unwanted texts and spam messages can be a constant source of annoyance, but with the built-in features and third-party apps available on Android, you can easily take control of your messaging experience. By blocking unwanted texts, setting up filters, and using the "Do Not Disturb" feature, you can regain your peace of mind and enjoy your smartphone without the constant interruptions. Say goodbye to unwanted texts, and keep your peace on your Android device!